This Anti-Choking Device Can Save Your Child’s Life In A Choking Emergency (Without Any Special Training)…

Every parent will understand what I’m about to say…

I used to worry about my baby dying all the time.

ESPECIALLY at meal time.

Whenever I would hear that little cough as my son worked to swallow his not-chewed-but-”mashed” food…

My heart would stop for 3 seconds as I prepared myself to jump into choking emergency mode.

One night at happy hour I was sharing about this fear with my best friend Sarah. She just happens to be a paramedic. (And a really good one at that!)

She told me that I’m not alone in feeling this way, and it’s important that I am prepared in case this happens because, I was right, choking is seriously deadly.

“In fact,” she told me…

“Unfortunately…” she continued, “one child dies from choking every 5 days in the U.S. alone!”

That certainly didn’t make me feel any better. To be honest, it actually scared me even more.

So I begged Sarah to tell me, in her professional opinion, what is the BEST thing I can do to get some peace of mind?

“What classes and trainings do I need to take to prevent this from EVER happening to my child? CPR? Heimlich Maneuver? I’ll do anything you tell me to do.”

Her response SHOCKED me. (And I’m guessing it will shock you, too.)

She said…

“Those things are great. And it’s always good to be prepared. First Aid can save lives.

BUT most parents don’t remember their training in the heat of the moment. AND those techniques aren’t 100% effective either.

You could wait for paramedics to arrive after calling 9-1-1, but you only have 4 minutes to prevent brain damage when your child is choking and our average response time is 7 - 12 minutes long.”

This is where I about fell to the floor. I felt so helpless.

Until she told me to watch a short video that would help me feel completely safe. And she sent me a link.

This video changed EVERYTHING for me. So, I’m sharing the video here with you, too.

That’s How I Discovered The Life-Saving Device That Helped Me Finally Relax During Meal Time With My Family.

It’s an airway-clearing device called LifeVac that can save your child from choking & suffocating anytime, anywhere—with NO special training and without being a trained medical professional.

And to date, it is 100% effective at removing choking blockages.

(While the Heimlich Maneuver only works 70-86% of the time.)

LifeVac has saved over 400 lives so far—and counting!

One of the reasons why it’s wildly effective at saving lives, I discovered, is because it’s SO easy for anyone to use to remove blockages in seconds.

Here’s How You Use It…

  1. PLACE the mask over your child’s mouth.
  2. PUSH the handle down to create suction.
  3. PULL the handle back up to remove the blockage instantly.

In most cases, the object will be removed on the first pull – but you can repeat this process again if needed.

And the valve in this device only allows air to flow ONE-way.

Meaning that there’s no risk of pushing the food (or other blockage) down further.

I Was Convinced I Needed One, But Then I Saw These Moms Talk About It On TikTok…

Christine is a trained EMT. Her son was choking on a bite of sandwich and the techniques she was trained to do weren’t working.

She did the back thrushes & Heimlich Maneuver and told her daughter to call 9-1-1.

That’s when she grabbed her LifeVac.
And her son, JD, is alive today because of it.

I found video after video. Story after story.
Life saved after life saved.
With just ONE PULL using the LifeVac.

That’s When I Decided To Buy TWO LifeVacs Instead Of Just One. (One To Keep In My Kitchen. One To Keep In My Car.)

As soon as it arrived, I felt an instant sense of relief.

Even though I haven’t had to use it yet, and I hope I NEVER need to, it brings me so much comfort to know it’s there. Just in case.

There were even some nice surprises I found out about after buying my LifeVacs:

  • Child AND Adult Sized Mask Included: Now my husband and I know that we’re protected as well. And I also know I can save my 87 year old grandma who comes to visit should I ever need to.
  • Practice Mask Included: Getting the chance to practice using the device with hands-on experience made me feel TWICE as prepared.
  • LifeVacs Never Expire: Unlike my kid’s Epipen, which I have to replace every year, I know my LifeVac will be 100% safe and effective whenever I end up needing it. Even if that’s 5, 10, 15 years from now!
  • Free Replacements: The device is a one-time-only-use. But the company believes in their mission to save lives SO MUCH that they send you a free replacement LifeVac if you do end up using yours in a choking emergency.
  • Beyond Worth The Money: Obviously, if I ever do see my child turning blue and limp because they’re choking on something I can’t get out with back blows or Heimlich's, I’d pay ANYTHING in that moment to save them…

… but even if that NEVER happens, it’s SO WORTH IT just to be able to rest easier knowing a choking catastrophe won’t ever happen to anyone I love under my watch.

I’ve also noticed my stress level at meal time has gone down TREMENDOUSLY. I’m no longer living in fear about my child choking.

Bottom Line: I’m so beyond grateful that my paramedic friend, Sarah, shared that video with me months ago. And I wrote this article to (hopefully) spread the word to as many worried parents—like me.

UPDATE AS OF June 30, 2022: Even MORE Lives Have Been Saved Since I Wrote This Article

There’s now THOUSANDS of 5 star reviews of this product. Stories from people written hours after saving their child’s life, their life, or the life of another person, using LifeVac. And stories from people who once shared the same fear I did, now living with total peace of mind.

I tear up every time I read another one. It’s truly incredible to think about.

I wanted to write this update because since LifeVac has grown in popularity, some knockoffs have been introduced to the market and I want to do everything in my power to make sure you get the right one.

We are, after all, talking about saving your family member’s LIVES! And I didn’t want my article to lead you to a second-rate product.

The link below will take you directly to LifeVac’s official website.

Right now, LifeVac is currently offering a special deal: When you use the link below, you’ll get 1 FREE LifeVac Kit when you buy 2!

That way you have extras so you can keep one at home, one in the car, and one at the office (or send one to school with your child).

This is the best deal I’ve ever seen from LifeVac. Don’t miss it!

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