Doctor Approved Anti-Choking
Device Saves Another Life

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The viral internet sensation has done it again! Another child is alive today because of this miracle invention.

I remember it like yesterday. My 2 year old Scarlet was sitting in her high chair, eating strawberries like she had a million times before…

But this time, something was different. We normally can’t get her to keep quiet… yet all of a sudden, she began to silently choke.

I’ll never forget the horror in my husband’s eyes as he realized what was happening: Scarlet was choking – she couldn’t breathe.

As she began to turn blue, we both leaped to our feet. Thankfully, my husband knew what to do. He rushed to the kitchen and grabbed our LifeVac – the device that saved Scarlet's life. It was like a miracle.

We took her out of her high chair and laid her on the island in our kitchen, and put the LifeVac over her face.

After 2 hard pumps the strawberry was removed... and Scarlet immediately gasped for air and began crying. She was shaken up, but was fine.

Thankfully LifeVac worked! After all, giving such a young child the Heimlich can be dangerous, and back slaps were not working to dislodge the blockage.

Looking back, I’ll never forget how helpless I felt at that moment… and how lucky we were.

Had I not seen a late-night ad for LifeVac and decided that the price was worth ensuring that my child would be saved during a choking emergency, I’m sure we would have had a much different and awful rest of our year and life. Thank you LifeVac from the bottom of our hearts for keeping our family together.

Choking Statistics


A choking death occurs
every two hours


Choking is the 4th leading cause of unintentional death


A child dies from choking
every 5 days


Over 100 million Americans have no defense against choking due to pregnancy, disability, obesity, or being alone.

These days, I’m happy to tell my story. LifeVac has become my go-to gift for baby showers… but as I’ve learned, it’s not just useful for children. Despite being released recently, it’s already saved 1,282 lives – of all ages, and it’s been proven to be 100% effective to date – with no adverse effects.

Once I saw what it could do I ordered mine right away… and apparently, I wasn’t the only one – they’ve already sold 1,000,000+ LifeVacs across 40 countries!

What is LifeVac?

The LifeVac is an airway clearance device that quickly and safely removes obstructions when someone is choking.

Unlike back slaps and abdominal thrusts, LifeVac uses suction to smoothly remove the object instead of using blunt force.

You use it after attempting back slaps and abdominal thrusts (if possible). It’s like a “safety net” for when all else fails.

This device can be used on both children and adults since it includes two mask sizes.You can even use LifeVac to save yourself from choking!

Clinical studies have proven LifeVac to be 100% effective to date.3

Even better, you don’t need a special training course to use it or a prescription to buy it.

It’s a major breakthrough in medical science, and I won’t be surprised when every household, restaurant, and retirement home has a set of LifeVacs on hand. LifeVac really works – and it’s already saved 1,282 lives.

How do you use the LifeVac?

Using LifeVac is easy: Place the suction device over the victim's nose and mouth, push down on the handle to compress the unit, pull up with a swift tug. It is as simple as that.



Place the mask over the victim’s nose and mouth, make sure the mask creates a seal to prevent air from leaking around the seal.



Depress the handle to remove all of the air from the plunger.



With one hand hold both the jaw and the mask and rapidly pull upwards to remove the blockage.

LifeVac creates a seal around the victim’s mouth, which creates a vacuum. In most cases, the object will be removed on the first pull – but you can repeat this process again if needed.

Think of LifeVac like a fire extinguisher. You may not always need it but you should ALWAYS have one. Also like a fire extinguisher, LifeVac is ready to be used within seconds. It’s painless and doesn’t require physical strength thanks to its innovative design.

Anatomy of a LifeVac

  • Easy-Grip Handle

    Provides a secure grip for easy operation

  • Powerful Plunger

    Quickly removes airway blockages

  • Interchangeable Masks

    Includes child & adult sizes

  • One Way Valve

    Only allows airway to be suctioned (never pushes air)

Easy-Grip Handle

Provides a secure grip for easy operation

Transparent Design

Lets you see the removed obstruction

Interchangable Mask

Comes with child & adult sizes

One Way Valve

Only allows air to get sucked in, no out

Each LifeVac ‘Home Kit’ comes with everything you need to save a choking victim with LifeVac – including an adult mask, and a child mask, and a practice mask. This means one device is equipped to cover your whole family with adult and pediatric masks.

If you or a loved one spends lots of time away from the house, like at work or at school, you can also add the Travel Kit to your order – perfect for the

  • Office Drawer

  • Glovebox

  • Child’s Classroom

Who needs LifeVac the most?

Despite its recent release, LifeVac is making waves across the world already. Stories have poured in from families, retirement homes, and restaurants, while thousands of homes have been equipped.

Of course, there’s also real science-backed research behind it. This is exactly why doctors are now strongly recommending LifeVac – especially for anyone

  • Living Alone

  • Young Children

  • Seniors

  • The Obese

  • Pregnant Women

and those prone to choking.

Medical professionals, policemen, doctors, teachers, and all other emergency responders are all raving about LifeVac.

Because virtually anyone can use LifeVac, there’s really no place that shouldn’t have one readily available – LifeVac should be in every home, office, school, daycare center, retirement home, and restaurant!

New York State Officials recognizing LifeVac for the safety it provides

Conclusion: LifeVac gives you peace of mind – I just hope you don’t have to use it.

To be honest, I wish LifeVac didn’t have to exist – but I’m glad it does. It’s going to prevent so many deaths that could have been avoided.

But more importantly to me, I feel calm having one around. When someone starts choking, you feel trapped. Your adrenaline rushes, and you wish you had an easy answer – a silver bullet that could make it all go away.

Now that silver bullet finally exists. I’m incredibly grateful to the founder who took it upon himself to bring LifeVac to life, and I hope this article has helped you realize just how big of a breakthrough this device is!

Important Update

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